CNC 2D & 3D FLAT LASER cutting servises

Service Description

3D laser cutting services provide unlimited potential for metal fabrication. With precision and speed, 3D lasers can cut a wide variety of features in tubes, channels, angles and beams. You benefit from the combination of the latest laser tube cutting machines, technology and skilled craftsmanship for a streamlined process that lowers costs, speeds up cycle times and expands design capabilities.

STAFFRENT as a leading provider of tube laser cutting specialists in Baltic region and throughout the Eastern Europe, we’re able to handle your complete range of needs. Whether you’re developing a prototype or require high-volume production, our experienced team will work with you to provide the most cost-effective and efficient 3D laser cutting services. Our specialists successfully produced precision-cut parts, components, weldments and assemblies for industries such as automotive, agriculture, energy, heavy equipment, hardware, fabrication and many others.

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