Temporary employees in Netherlands

Temporary employment (also named as employee leasing, etc.) is a service providing the flexibility to hire employees for long or short-term assignments without employing them directly in your company. STAFFRENT™ is a direct employer and is responsible for staff recruitment, labour relations management, taxes and accounting personnel paperwork. The client (job-giver) supervises a temporary employee in the workplace, also is responsible for safe working conditions and job quality control.

Our database of temporary employees contains over 2500 candidates with skills to perform various assignments. All employees are instructed on safety at work and fire protection and have health examination certificates, so they can start working anytime. We offer temporary employment to unskilled employees, skilled employees and specialists in various fields.

Why the temporary employment service?
The temporary employment is just for You if You:

  • Do not have sufficient in-house resources for staff selection and administration
  • Have an urgent need for a number of employees for an indefinite period of time
  • Are looking for additional staff but are not planning  to permanently employ because of uncertain business environment or orders fluctuations
  • Want to expand  a probation period of an employee for more than 3 months before signing a permanent employment contract
  • Need to administrate the work of staff for more than one company within a group
  • Want to monitor separately administration of a certain group of employees
  • Are short of employees with specific qualifications but you have not planned FTE for a certain role


  • Many years of experience of working on projects for major corporations from a range of industry sectors
  • Speed in project implementation: we have the biggest team of professionals in temporary employment companies in Baltic states, so we can reliably manage projects of any size within short time
  • The opportunity to work in all the Baltic States: via our Latvian office in Riga, our  Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Panevėžys, Šiauliai, Utena, Šilutė, Plungė Ukmergė and Marijampolė offices in Lithunia and our Tallinn office in Estonia
  • Experience acquired through international projects in partnership with members of the Starjobs.eu alliance in Finland, Latvia, Romania, Hungary, United Kingdom, Poland and elsewhere
  • Convenient service control (using electronic time keeping software and other advanced IT tools)

Our temporary employment services are fully compliant with the Laws of the Republic of Lithuania, Republic of Latvia, Republic of Estonia and The Netherlands Law.

Our cooperation will contribute to finding the best solutions for you. Trust the implementation to the professionals of Staffrent.

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